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Soo... LJ sent me a note about me owning this community. I am also sole maintainer, apparently. I had actually forgotten that this community existed, oi. Right then. Since the last post in it was well over half a decade ago, I am going to assume that it is dead, dead, dead. Therefore, unless there are any objections, I am going to convert this community into my own personal fanfic journal/writing page/archive of my shit. Thus, unless there are reasonable objections, I will be removing posting access for anyone else and stuff. Comments, questions, concerns?
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Inspirational pictures #4 and #5!

I'm sorry for not getting this to you all yesterday. Finals got in the way. But they're over, so here you are. Two for the price of one this week! Both are by Don Maitz. Pick one or both or neither, I just hope you're inspired!

Eternal FlameCollapse )

What the artist has to say about Eternal Flame:Collapse )


AbracatabraCollapse )

What the artist has to say about Abracatabra:Collapse )

And remember, you can still post stories inspired by previous pictures.

And this week, I have some homework for all of you: PIMP THIS COMMUNITY! AND POST A STORY, IF YOU'RE INSPIRED! C'mon, isn't your muse taken by at least one of the pictures already posted? You know you want to write something...
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Sajea longed for winter. She didn't know that was what she longed for, after all, she had never even heard of winter. She longed for the storm on the horizon to break. But there was no storm, as there was no winter in her world. She was there to be pretty -- an extra in the background of another persons life. She had everything she could ever want for, but since she was nothing herself, none of it mattered.

The Doje came down every morning and brought Sajea and her companions little gifts, amusements that were always delightful. Kittens and mirrors and beautiful stones to cast and sensuous fabrics to make into dresses. Everything.

The storm never broke. No matter how long Sajea stared off into the dark horizon, the storm never came. Winter was not a part of her world. It was not a dynamic graphics environment, after all, and she wasn't real to begin with. But her programming was better than most others, because hers had a flaw. She waited for winter.

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